Our Mission

What is it with food ads aimed at women?

Why do they bombard us with clichés?

Why do they presume that all women have a negative relationship with food?

At LowLow we say ‘enough’ to feeling bad about food.

We believe that everyone should taste, savour, share and, above all, enjoy great food.

Our mission is to support and encourage women everywhere to have a great relationship with food.

So our delicious range of spreads and cheeses are the tastiest and most tempting you’ll find in your chill cabinet.

And we don’t believe that anyone should have to sacrifice feeling good for looking good.

So every single one of them contains at least 33% less fat - they’re a natural fit with a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

LowLow makes food to feel good about, (and our plan is to make our ads that way, too).

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